Jeffrey L. Western, P.E., S.E.

An experienced registered engineering professional with broad expertise in the development of technical and non-technical solutions, working with federal, state, public sector, and private sector organizations.


Jeffrey L. Western, P.E., S.E.
25 Saint Andrews Circle
Madison, Wisconsin 53717-1154

Professional Experience

Jeff Western has over 30 years' experience in the design, engineering, construction and security of transportation and conventional facilities including bridges and tunnels, and in the management of information technology and of information systems and solutions. Jeff has a BS Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and a MS Degree in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a Professional Engineer in Wisconsin and Illinois, and a Registered Structural Engineer in Illinois. He is a Certified Disaster Service Worker (#74521) having been given essential duties for national disasters or emergencies.

Currently, Jeff provides Security and Infrastructure Protection Consulting Services as the Principal (Owner) of Western Management and Consulting, LLC. In addition, Jeff has an appointment to Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in the Infrastructure Assurance Center (IAC) of the Sciences and Information Sciences Division where he provides Critical Infrastructure (CI) system analysis as a Transportation Technical Advisor/Subject Matter Expert.

Jeff's previous experiences included a number of responsibilities in transportation, power generation, and high energy physics industries as well as transportation and security research. At Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) Jeff held a number of positions including Director of the Office of Engineering Operations where he was in charge of the Departmental Research, Project Management Coordination, Information Technology, and Business Information Management Functions. He also held the position of Deputy Director in the Bureau of Automation Services, where he was responsible for management of information technology and information systems. He held the position of Director of Infrastructure Security, where he was responsible for coordination of the Department's Transportation Infrastructure Protection and Security initiatives for the department's highway (bridge), railroad, maritime, and general aviation airport infrastructures. Jeff also held the position of State Bridge Development Engineer and Continuity of Operations Manager for the Department where he was responsible for Wisconsin's bridge development program. In his Security and Infrastructure Protection positions he was responsible for management, development and guidance of Wisconsin DOT's Employee Security Program including Infrastructure Security Planning, Response Planning as well as the agency's Continuity of Operations, Pandemic and Catastrophic Response Planning programs. Prior to joining the Wisconsin Department of Transportation he held a number of engineering and manager positions for Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois and the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory in Dallas, Texas.

Jeff currently is on the Transportation Research Board (TRB) AB000 – Policy and Organization Executive Group Council, taking a lead on the development of TRB's security research direction and agenda. He is past chair of and emeritus member of TRB Committee ABE40 - Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection and past Chair of Committee ABJ50 - Information Systems and Technology. Jeff was also a member of ABJ10, National Transportation Data Requirements and Programs Committees, and serves as the Chair of TRB's Committee Communication Coordinators Council.

Jeff has chaired and participated on a number of NCHRP Project Panels including organizing a number of TRB security workshops and sessions. He was the Principle Investigator for these recently completed projects: NCHRP Project 20-59(36), "Managing Catastrophic Transportation Emergencies: A guide for Transportation Executives" and NCHRP Project 20-59(43), "Incorporating Transportation Security Awareness into Routine State DOT Operations and Training."

Currently Jeff is the Principal Investigator for: NCHRP Project 20-59(14)B, "Research Support for the AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management (SCOTSEM)" and NCHRP 20-59(50) "Mainstreaming Transportation Hazards and Security Risk Management: CAPTA Update and Implementation." He is also the Administrative Officer for the NCHRP Project 20-59(48) "Effective Practices for the Protection of Transportation Infrastructure from Cyber Incidents."

Jeff was a member of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) working group on Security Research and Development and past member of the Department of Homeland Security Highway and Motor Carrier Modal Transportation "Government Coordinating Council" (GCC) and served as the Co- Chair of the SCC/GCC Cyber Working Group. He also serves on the University of Wisconsin-Madison "Center for Human Performance and Risk Analysis (CHPRA)" Advisory Board. Jeff has a number of published papers in areas of structures, bridges, security and technology, and was profiled in the May- June 2005 issue of "Transportation Research News" for his work in security and infrastructure protection.


Consulting Partners

Project Partners

  • Scott J. Western – Western Management and Consulting, LLC
    Security / Technology Principal
  • Ernest R. Frazier, Sr., Esq. – Countermeasures Assessment and Security Experts, LLC
  • Samuel B. Merrill, Ph.D. – Catalysis Adaptation Partners, LLC

Project Consultants

  • Patricia Bye – Western Management and Consulting, LLC
    Senior Analyst Consultant
  • David S. Ekern, P.E. – D. S. Ekern Consulting
    Senior Transportation Consultant
  • David R. Fletcher – Geographic Paradigm Computing, Inc.
    Senior Transportation Consultant
  • Gregory A. Owen – Devcraft, LLC
    Project Advisor / Consultant
  • Mark Krentz – Western Management and Consulting, LLC
    Transportation Security Specialist Consultant
  • Michael C. Smith, Ph.D. – University of Virginia / Leidos, Inc.
    Senior Project Advisor
  • Meghann M. Valeo, P.E. – MMV Consulting, LLC
    Bridge and Structures Consultant

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